Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What does our collection reveal about us?

The collection we have from everyone bringing in 2 blue things we own that might say something about us, to me says that we are all different. It doesn't really say anything about the time we live in nor our beliefs. It looks like all of us have different interests because there is all different sorts of things. It doesn't reflect my personal tastes, interests or beliefs, but blue is my favorite color. 

Collecting vs. Hoarding

The difference between Collecting and Hoarding. Collecting is more of a hobby, things that usually describe who you are and what your interests are. Just because you collect things doesn't mean they mean something to you. You could collect them because they might be rare and could cost a lot of money. Hoarding is just a pile of junk that most of the time is useless and just sits there and takes up space.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Compare and Contrast

I liked working with the colored pencils more then the graphite pencils. I felt that you could do more with the colored pencils and that colored pencils usually make a drawing stick out more to me then just black and white. Using the colored pencils give you more options and allows you to be a bit more creative then just using the graphite pencils. Colored pencils give you the chance to make a drawing more interesting and allows you to grab others attention. 

Candy Jar

The experience I had from my Candy Jar drawing was fun. I enjoyed using the color pencils and also being able to have a created mind set on drawing the jar. The color pencils brought out the Candy Jar a lot. It really made the drawing pop and made it creative. The start of the drawing was a little tough. I had a rough time trying to draw my lid and figuring out where to put the reflection of the light on the jar but other than that it wasn't that bad. 


The experience I had working on my bicycle drawing was pretty exciting. It was neat to see how your drawing comes out after the disastrous start you have trying to find out how to start it. At the start of my drawing I was finding myself having a hard time trying to find and where to place everything at. As I kept on continuing the drawing everything started to click and my drawing started to look a lot better then it did when I had started it. Shading really brought out the picture from my opinion.